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Learning iaido

Iaido is organized in codified combats - katas - mostly performed alone, against one or more virtual enemies.

Each kata can be broken down into five sequences :

- NUKITSUKE: cutting while drawing.
- FURIKABURI: raising the sword to cut.
- KIRIOROSHI :executing the decisive(s) cut(s).
- CHIBURI : making a movement to shake off the blood from the blade.
- NOTO : sheathing the sword.

The student will have to repeat ceaselessly every single technique to succeed drawing his sword from standing or sitting positions, while static or in movement.

This is only possible if the position of the feet "ashi sabaki", the position of the body "tai sabaki" and the position of the sword "ken sabaki" are correct and associated to the right state of mind. The learning method consists in progressively acquiring the ground techniques, in order to master both the handling of the sword and the unfolding of several groups of katas. By training regularly and for a long time, by himself or with the team, the student will especially improve his balance, his movement coordination, his endurance and his concentration.

From a more personal point of view, a student will develop self control, confidence and open-mindedness. In fact, group training sessions at the dojo encourage cooperative spirit and sociability.

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