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- Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido Dojos :

Dojo Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu in Belgium.

This year the Melsbroek Eishin Ryu Dojo celebrate his 10th anniversary and we are proud to announce the presence of Esaka sensei himself at our bi-annual iaido seminar.
Dates: November 5th until November 7th 2010 in Melsbroek Belgium.
More informations about the seminar

Dojos Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu in Germany.

- Culture :

Japon Online : Well designed Japan portal with lot’s of info.

Le : Another Japan’s portal, very rich and interesting.

- Franco-Japanese Organisations :

Franco-Japanese Cultural Centre.

- Budo & Martial Arts :

IBK Kendo Club : Visit one of the best Kendo Dojos in Ile de France et certainly the most friendly club.

Batoncanne : A whole website dedicated to a very special martial art, with a "French" twist.

Webmartial : Martial arts and fighting portal.

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