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About Makoto Dojo

Makoto Dojo is led by a French non lucrative association, whose objective is to get people to know better Muso Jikiden Eïshin school.

This traditional Japanese fencing school was first introduced in France in 1984 by Master Yoshitaka TOMITA - Kyoshi (8th dan ).

Former Japanese Ambassador, now retired, Master TOMITA currently dedicates himself to spreading the Muso Jikiden Eïshin School around the world.

He is the founder of Makoto Dojo in 1999, and goes to France for two months each year to direct the training done there.

In the purest Japanese tradition, Makoto Dojo is directly linked to Master ESAKA’s Dojo in Tokyo and does not report to any other federal institution, be it national or international.

Master ESAKA Seigen - Hanshi (10th dan).

Tomita Sensei. Photo © dr

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