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Moving techniques

- Ayumi ashi : Standard walk, one foot before the other.

- Tsugi ashi : One foot always in front. At every move, the foot that’s in the back moves forth until it gets to the heel of the leading foot.

- Hanmi : The attacking foot points to the opponent. The other foot keeps an open angle of about 50 to 60 degrees.

- Tora bashiri :Litterally « Tiger’s footstep » involves taking really small but very fast steps.(cf : Oi Kaze)

- Nusumi ashi :Special technique involving a movement of the feet before moving the body in certain wazas (i.e. Oku iai).

- Seigan no ashi :Back foot at the heel of the front one.

- Hanzoroe : Back foot at the first half of the front one.

- Ni ho haba : Space between the two feet equivalent to the width of these two feet.

Japanese Kanji

歩み足 Ayumi ashi

継ぎ足 Tsugi ashi

半身 Hanmi

虎走 Tora bashiri

盗み足 Nusumi ashi

正眼の足 Seigan no ashi

半揃え Hanzoroe

ニ歩幅 Ni ho haba

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